Founder/Artistic Director

"Bobbie I heard Now Behold the Lamb and thought of you. Not sure you realize the impact you have had on multiple families by providing them an opportunity to do ministry together. Memories to be cherished for a lifetime and retold to generations."

~ Former Dancer & Dance Parent

His Word N Motion DanceMrs. Bobbie Trimble is the C.E.O. of Bobbie's School of Performing Arts Ministry (BSPAM) and Founder of His Word N Motion Dance (Est. 2007).  As a pre-teen growing up in Southeast San Diego, CA., Bobbie was a member of the San Diego Youth Master Chorale under the leadership of the renowned classically trained singer, Eileen Moss.  Bobbie went on to began her Christian dance training at 11 years old with the traveling  AGAPE Praise Dancers and  found her love for Hip Hop dance with Pastor Adrian Ewings & The Steps of Praise (former tour and video dancers of Kirk Franklin).  During those formative years of dance; drama; vocal training; feeding and preaching to the homeless on the streets of Watts, L.A. with her grandmother, the last Pastor Allen Harris, a true leader, choreographer, and disciple for Christ was born.

Bobbie moved to Atlanta, GA in 2003 with her passion for spreading the gospel through performing arts, on her mind. She was determined to open her own dance studio not knowingBobbie Trimble that God had so much more for her.  From 2005 - 2009 and 2011 - 2015, Bobbie led and choreographed the adult dance ministry at New Life Church (Pastor Marlin D. Harris).  In 2007 His Word N Motion Dance Ministry, Inc. was formed and has traveled all over the United States ministering in dance at various churches and religious conferences.  The community dance ministry started out of the basement of Bobbie's home and grew  into facilitating the first Performing Arts Summer Camp in Atlanta that academically prepared children for the next grade level, an After School Performing Arts Group (Kids N Motion), and a Dance Ministry for children, teens, and adults that traveled and participated in stage productions written and directed by Bobbie.

Bobbie graduated with an MBA from Webster University and serves as the Dance Ministry Leader at New Covenant Christian Ministries - East (Pastors Billy and DeeAnn Johnson). "Today I look at my life and think about all of the families that our ministry touched and dancers we've trained to become ministers of dance. My spirit smiles because as a ministry, we've planted GOOD seed into the youth and we are starting to witness our fruit. The fact that my daughters both began dancing and acting at age 3, and are now Jr. choreographers and leaders in my performing arts school amazes me. Most importantly, we are not just training our students in the performing arts, we are giving them and their families Jesus. I am my Big Momma's Lil' Missionary."