We are proud to provide children, teens, and adults with a safe, fun and professional dance and drama ministry that is free from the sensual influences found in many secular performing arts schools. We offer a full program for students 3 years through adult, beginning through pre-professional. The performing arts offered are Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip/Hop, Acting, Drumline and Youth Musical Theater.  We use all varieties of music, everything from classical to contemporary, some produced by Christian Artists and some not. We carefully screen our music for any offensive language, ideas or undertones.


  • Acceptance is by the season (September through June)
  • All students observe the studio dress code.
  • All students take part in the December and June recital.
  • Students are expected to attend every class and to arrive on time.
  • Absences are considered excused solely based on medical or serious personal reasons and only when the studio is notified in advance. Excused absences may be made up in an appropriate class.
  • Withdrawal is by mutual consent and only after written notification to the studio. The date of notification (not the date of absence) is considered the departure date.

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Subject to change based on number of registered students

Munchkin Ballet and Tap- ages 3 & 4
A unique introductory program designed to enhance rhythm skills, coordination, musicality and a genuine love for the art of dance. Basic ballet and tap are offered in this 45 minute class.
Twinkle Toes Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop- ages 5 & 6
A pre-ballet, tap and jazz program that is designed to further introduce young children to basic dance skills. Its goal is to further inspire students and build their coordination and musicality skills as a pre-requisite for the more advanced levels. Ballet and tap combination classes are 1 hour per week and Jazz and Hip Hop are offered for ½ hour per week.
Jumpstart Ballet, Tap and Jazz- ages 7 through 10
The beginning of the students full technical training. Each class is offered separately. Ballet is required if a student at this level wishes to take tap or jazz. Ballet classes are a minimum of 45 minutes followed by 45 minutes of tap or jazz or both.
Pre-Teen (11-13) & Teen (14-18)
This is still an introductory level at which students are expected to master all of their basic skills before moving to the next level. These would include body placement, alignment, stretched feet, basic turn technique, and straight legs. Tap would include beginner to intermediate tap skills .
Pointe Class
This program is limited to dancers whom the ballet teachers and studio director have approved.
This class is open to all dancers who are presently studying ballet. The dancer will be leveled by the studio director.
Drumline : Beg - Adv

Amazing Drum Line instructors from Atlanta Drum Academy and the movie "Drumline".  Classes are offered Monday and Wednesdays afterschool from 5:00pm - 6:15pm.  Transportation is provide from DeKalb County schools to our after-school program.

Youth Musical Theater - ages 10 - 18
Musical theatre performance is more than a pretty voice; it’s acting through a song. Students explore how to interpret and connect to the lyrics to tell the story in the song. Selection of appropriate material for auditions and performance will be stressed, along with basic vocal technique and breath control. Staged musical numbers will also be introduced. Students may choose 2-3 majors: Dance, Acting, Singing, or Stage Design.

Assignment of Levels and Pointe Work

The teachers, in collaboration with the studio director, make all decisions on the placement of students and the appropriate time for beginning pointe work.

Advancement through the levels is not automatic. Each student’s development as a dancer is individually assessed and tailored to accommodate the different stages of bodily development, coordination, and number of classes taken each week. Regular attendance, concentration, ability to assimilate instruction and level of interest, all contribute to steady growth.